Hamburg House EXPO 2010 Shanghai City of Hamburg partcipated in the Expo 2010 in Shanghai by building the first certified passive house in China. Being the twin town of Shanghai only Hamburg as one of the capital cities in Germany presented itself with an own building project. The project was developed by Kontrapunkt (Hamburg), in cooperation with the agency Design Factory International. Holtmann was responsible for the exhibition building. The Hamburg House was located at the Urban Best Practices Area at the Expo in which several projects from all over the world were shown. With the energy-saving house, Hamburg presented itself as an innovative metropolis on the water and a great place to live. In the four-storey building, visitors found an exciting exhibition, which dealt with sustainable urban development and ecological, climate-friendly construction in Hamburg. The Hamburg House set new standards for sustainable urban development and ecological construction in China. Project:
Display Print Production by Thomas Fuesser (CD) Faktor Hong Kong / Shanghai

Exhibition Building:
Holtmann GmbH Germany

Project Management:
Syma Shanghai / Hong Kong

Project Agency:

kontrapunkt and Design Factory International Hamburg